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Current Students

Current Students

Working with super smart graduate students is one of the greatest aspects of being a professor. Both current and former students (below) continue to inspire my own work and thinking about anthropology.

Christina Frasier

PhD Candidate

Dissertation Title: Placekeeping as Social Equity: Heritage and Gentrification in San Antonio, Texas

Research Interests: Urban Commercial Art, Identity, Theories of Place

KT Hanson

PhD Student (Co-Advised with Dr. Thad Bartlett)

Research focused on ethnoprimatology, primatology field schools.

Alexandra Holdbrook

PhD Candidate

Dissertation Title: Co-Producing Emergent Ecologies: A Multispecies Ethnography of Exotic Wildlife in the Texas Hill Country 

Research focused on multispecies ethnography, conservation, and exotics on Texas Ranches

Averee Luhrs

PhD Candidate

Dissertation title: Connecting Conservation Network: Exploring the Role and Ideology of Accredited Zoo Conservation Through the “SAFE” Initiative

AZA Conservation Programs

Amanda Micek

PhD Student

Research focused on urban and prison gardens.

Jennifer Torpie-Sweterlitch

PhD Candidate

Dissertation title: Making the American Gorilla

Interests: Human-Animal Relations, Primatology, Science Studies

Maryellen Werlitz

MA student

Interests include disability and virtual ethnography, MMORPGs and Animal-Assisted Therapy

Former Students

PhD Advisor

DelliCarpini, Rebecca (PhD completed Spring 2021 – NSF GRFP) Feminism in the Forest: Understanding Knowledge Production and the Interplay of Identity Characteristics in Conservation

Roberts, Jason (PhD completed Spring 2019 – NSF DDIG) “We Live Like This”: Life, Logging, and the Continuing Pursuit of Development on New Hanover Island (Lavongai), Papua New Guinea.

Shaver, Marissa (PhD completed Spring 2019 – Mexico Center, Alvarez fund, Smithsonian Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology) The Making of a Fishing Pueblo: Sustaining Place in Baja California Sur, Mexico

MA Advisor

Antram, Alex (MA, Spring 2018) Degree in passing

Fitzell, Jeffrey (MA, Fall 2022) Identity, the Avatar, and Communities in Star Wars the Old Republic and Related Digital Worlds

Micek, Amanda (MA, Spring 2022) Growing Resistance: Community Gardens as Counter-Spaces

Reid, Jessica (MA, Fall 2016) A mother that protects you: Community performance, identity, and values within the contrade and Palio di Siena

Serilli, Anna (MA Summer 2022) Digital [Air &] Space: Combinging Ethnography and Photogrammetry To Understand Museum Collecting Strategies, Object Transformations, and Digital Method Implementation 

Stout, Richard (MA Spring 2023) An Exploratory Study of Financial Compensation for Livestock Depredation Policies: Human and Wildlife Conflict and the Confluences of Science, Human, and Animal Relationships

Torpie-Sweterlitsch, Jennifer (MA, Fall 2014) Captive nature: Exploring the influence of zoos on visitor worldview, knowledge, and behavior

Vryn, Michelle (MA, Spring 2012) Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World: An Analysis of Voluntary Land Conservation in Texas

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