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Jamon Halvaksz Environment and Anthropology

Jamon Alex Halvaksz II, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

The University of Texas at San Antonio

email: jamon.halvaksz[at]

Prospective Students

As an environmental anthropologist, my work focuses on mining, conservation and agriculture in Papua New Guinea. I’m always interested in hearing from prospective students interested in working with me, or wanting to know more about our graduate program. My advisees work on a diversity of projects in different locations, however, we all share common interests at some level. The PhD at UTSA is focused on Environmental Anthropology broadly conceived, with a secondary emphasis on Medical Anthropology. Our MA program is much more open to a diversity of project ideas, and includes a non-thesis option. Feel free to send enquiries about either program and we can set up a quick chat.

At this moment, I am especially interested in recruiting Doctoral and Masters students that could contribute to a research project on mining, migration and climate change in Papua New Guinea.

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